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Trolleite: Flame


Precision cut Trolleite Flame

Locality: Brazil 

Measurements: Approximately 3 11/16" x 2.25" x 1" 

Attributes: FeminineFlame *To learn about these attributes, reference our Encyclopedia

This precision cut flame is absolutely stunning. The vibrant blues take me to scenes of the Caribbean ocean. A wonderful and mesmerizing meditation tool.

This crystal ships FREE with insurance, within the USA.

Crystal Buddy System: Adopt more than one crystal in a single order, and receive a small "Thank You" refund <3

Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral that is unusually hard, usually found in massive translucent light green to bluish green masses with a greasy luster. It contains Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite. It was discovered in 1868 and named by Blomstrand in 1869 to honor Swedish chemist Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister (1782–1871).

Trolleite Releases pain & anger, and clears mental & emotional debris. This crystal of change creates exciting opportunities & transforms fear into beautiful expression. It teaches compassion & love of all beings. Brings great strength with a blissful state of connected understanding. Expands & strengthens heart energy. Perfect stone for all healers & light workers. Activates all energy centers & light channels, opening divine connection to increase metaphysical abilities. 

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