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Trolleite: Flame

$70.55 $141.11

Precision cut Trolleite Flame

Locality: Brazil 

Measurements: Approximately 5 13/16" x 3 4/16 x 1 4/16" and weighs over 1.25lbs

Attributes: FeminineFlame *To learn about these attributes, reference our Encyclopedia

This precision cut flame is absolutely stunning. The contrasting of blues (with vibrant  blue swirled into deep navy) lend to visions of the galaxy with a sea weaving through. A wonderful and mesmerizing meditation tool.

This crystal ships FREE with insurance, within the USA.

Crystal Buddy System: Adopt more than one crystal in a single order, and receive a small "Thank You" refund <3

Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral that is unusually hard, usually found in massive translucent light green to bluish green masses with a greasy luster. It contains Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite. It was discovered in 1868 and named by Blomstrand in 1869 to honor Swedish chemist Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister (1782–1871).

Trolleite Releases pain & anger, and clears mental & emotional debris. This crystal of change creates exciting opportunities & transforms fear into beautiful expression. It teaches compassion & love of all beings. Brings great strength with a blissful state of connected understanding. Expands & strengthens heart energy. Perfect stone for all healers & light workers. Activates all energy centers & light channels, opening divine connection to increase metaphysical abilities. 

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