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Selenite Heart


Ethically sourced polished Selenite heart from Morocco

~ This listing is for (1) polished Selenite heart

Please note these crystals can have natural rough areas, crevices, inclusions, and caves

Each measures approximately: 1.25-1.5" / Crystal ID: T6

💙💙💙•SELENITE•An excellent stone for use in protection grids, Selenite is great in enhancing the properties of other stones, as well as clearing and charging them. It dispels negative energy and removes energy blocks, making it the perfect “Protection Stone”. Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility.  Use Selenite in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space. Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem. Physically, Selenite removes energy blockages from physical and Etheric bodies.  It can reverse the effects of “free radicals” to heal and repair on the cellular level.

🤍Heart shapes symbolize Love- Love for others and of course, yourself. These hearts are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, and big enough to be seen in your bowl of small crystals. They are also a perfect size for crystal grids, bring calming, loving energy into your space and heart.

Learn about the addition healing properties of crystal hearts in my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia!

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