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Scarlet Temple Lemurian: Isis, Traditional Record Keeper, Right Activation Window, Key, Conchoidal Fracture, Rainbow

$28.88 $33.33

Gorgeous Scarlet Temple Lemurian Point, ID# ISIS01

Locality: Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil (Shipped direct from Brazil to myself)

Measurements: Approximately 2 4/16" x 1 8/16 x 1 4/16"

Attributes: Isis, Traditional Record Keeper, Right Activation Window, Key, Conchoidal Fracture, Rainbow

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***Personalized Crystal Reading:

Love this beauty! Has a very large Key, perfect for thumb placement during meditation/while holding. Beautiful Isis face, and a Conchoidal Fracture that allows you to see a beautiful rainbow within! This crystal also has a few unique "bubble" Traditional Record Keepers on two faces (not seen in photos/hard to capture), and a Right Activation window. Absolutely lovely!

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This crystal ships FREE with insurance, within the USA. 

Crystal Buddy System: Adopt more than one crystal in a single order, and receive a small "Thank You" refund <3

Scarlet Temple Lemurians date back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis where they were used in healing ceremonies by the High Councils, Priests, and Priestesses to provide insight, guidance, and assist with healing, as well as stimulate recall of the beginning. They are said to have been encoded by the Wizards of MU.

What causes their Red hue?
The different colors of red on these Lemurians are caused by an outer coating of the mineral Hematite. You will notice that Scarlet Temple Lemurians come in a variety of shades of red-this is due to the saturation of Hematite on the Quartz.

How they can help you today
Today, these Scarlet beauties can help us by increasing our self-empowerment, confidence, and strength to stand up for what is right, and what we believe in.
They cultivate our leadership role-whether in our home, our workplace, or our community-because whether you realize it or not, you ARE a lightworker. Merely by working with crystals on a personal level, that energy can be felt by others.
Scarlet Lemurians also help with healing by grounding the body, and bringing in healing from Source.

These Scarlet Temple Lemurians were shipped direct from Brazil to myself. Not only does this ensure that miners are compensated fairly, it means that your crystal has had limited contact with hands of others on it’s journey home to you. Direct from the mines, to myself for safekeeping, on to you.

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