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Rough Amber from Colombia: INCENSE


Natural GENUINE authentic Amber from Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia, dated back to the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Permian period (approximately 60 million years old).

Price is for (1) Rough Amber, approximately 1-2" long

This Amber has been ethically sourced 

Using raw amber as incense dates back centuries and has its roots in ancient cultures where it was valued for its fragrance and believed healing properties. 

History of Raw Amber as Incense

1. **Ancient Use**: Amber has been used since ancient times for its aromatic properties. The Greeks burned amber as incense and believed it had mystical and medicinal properties. It was also used in religious ceremonies and as a perfume.

2. **Medieval Europe**: During the Middle Ages, amber was burned in churches for its pleasant aroma and was thought to cleanse the air and ward off evil spirits.

3. **Traditional Medicine**: In traditional Chinese medicine, amber has been used as incense or in medicinal formulations due to its perceived ability to purify and balance energy.

4. **Modern Use**: Today, raw amber is still used in various forms of alternative medicine and spiritual practices for its soothing aroma and potential therapeutic benefits.

How to Use Raw Amber as Incense

Using raw amber as incense is a straightforward process:

1. **Prepare a Heat Source**: Amber needs gentle heat to release its aroma. Traditionally, a charcoal disc or an electric incense burner (specifically designed for resins) is used.

   - **Charcoal Disc**: Light a charcoal disc until it starts to glow and turn ashy white around the edges. Place it in a heat-resistant container or an incense burner.
   - **Electric Burner**: If using an electric burner, follow the manufacturer's instructions to set it up.

2. **Place Amber on the Heat Source**: Once your heat source is ready, place a small piece of raw amber directly on the glowing charcoal disc or into the bowl of the electric burner.

3. **Enjoy the Aroma**: As the amber warms up, it will start to release its rich, warm fragrance. The scent is subtle but distinct, often described as sweet, earthy, and resinous.

4. **Safety**: Handle charcoal discs with care, as they can become very hot. Ensure proper ventilation when burning any type of incense.

5. **Clean Up**: After use, allow the charcoal disc to cool completely before disposing of it. Amber residue can be gently cleaned from burners or containers using warm water and a soft cloth.

Benefits and Considerations

- **Aromatic Experience**: Raw amber provides a unique, natural fragrance that many find soothing and grounding.
- **Therapeutic Properties**: Some believe amber incense can promote relaxation, relieve stress, and create a calming atmosphere.
- **Spiritual and Cultural Significance**: Using amber as incense can connect you to ancient traditions and rituals that span cultures worldwide.

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