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Rhodonite: Flame


Precision cut Rhodonite

Locality: Brazil 

Measurements: Approximately 3 4/16" x 2 5/16 x 1 6/16" 

Attributes: FeminineFlame *To learn about these attributes, reference our Encyclopedia

I acquired this precision cut flame from the Brazilian family who mined it. Beautiful mauve and bubble-gum pink hues, with gorgeous black patterned manganese oxides that resembles trees/the forest. There are also some blue hues sprinkled throughout, which I believe to possibly be Trolleite.

Completely unique/one of a kind, and I am honored to offer her for adoption.

This crystal ships FREE with insurance, within the USA.

Crystal Buddy System: Adopt more than one crystal in a single order, and receive a small "Thank You" refund <3

If your relationship is stuck in #ItsComplicated status, it's time to call on the vibrant Rhodonite crystal to soothe heartache by infusing your soul with pure love. Known as the “rescue stone,” it’s one of the most powerful heart chakra stones in the gem world, working as your therapist in couples counseling to bolster feelings of forgiveness and compassion, the essential virtues necessary for unconditional love to flourish. Its strong heart-based medicine helps release your fears, which is sometimes disguised as toxic emotions like anger, jealousy, or resentment. But when you're in the presence of its powerful love vibrations radiating through an intense pink hue, you'll always see life through rose-tinted glasses. 


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