Iris Unique

Raw Prasiolite Point, Green Amethyst

Beautiful raw Prasiolite (green Amethyst) point 😍 Photos don't do them justice-they are more green in person. Due to their formation, these wands are beautiful for crystal gazing in the sunshine!

Each measures between 2.25" and 3.5"

💚Prasiolite is the correct name for the green variety of Amethyst. The effect that Green Amethyst has on many people is to create a profound connection to their higher self. It's energy is like the spirit of nature itself, embodied within a beautiful green quartz crystal. Although the green variety is not as well known as purple Amethyst, it has a similar level of energy. Yet it is a quite different stone, and comes to you from a truly heart based perspective. Its impact within the heart will clear disharmonious energy and open you, totally, to love and compassion.

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