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RARE: White Amphibole Quartz from Brazil, Raw Amphibole, Angel Wing Quartz, Amphibole Point, Amphibole Wand, Rare Quartz, Amphibole cluster

Absolutely STUNNING and RARE White Amphibole (Angel Wing) Quartz cluster from Brazil 😍 You very rarely see white included Amphibole, and the entire Quartz is white. Also Amphibole typically presents as smaller points-to have a CLUSTER this large is absolute MAGIC

ID# AA1: Please note, there is an Empathetic gash through the main Imprint on the front of the crystal, as seen in the close up photo
Measures approximately 6" x 3.75" x 3.25" and weighs about 1.75lbs

Crystal Attributes: Amphibole, Cluster, Tantric Twin, Isis, multiple Imprints, Dolphin, Empathetic, Feminine
***To learn about these formations, please reference my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia!

💫💫💫Amphibole quartz possesses a lovely, angelic vibration, and is known to draw down the magic of the higher realms. This stone, also known as angel phantom or Angel Wing quartz, will connect you with your spirit guides and angels. It facilitates lucid dreaming and brings in soothing energies of peace and tranquility. A powerful Heart Chakra stone, amphibole quartz opens your heart – strengthening your connection to all of humanity and dissolving feelings of negativity and isolation. Gemstone generators raise energy from earth to sky; from your Root to Crown. Low vibrations have a hard time maintaining in high vibration space, which is one of the goals in working with generators. Generators keep the vibration high which promotes joy, health, love, and prosperity.

Work with your Amphibole Quartz in meditation to connect to your guides and deepen your sacred practice. May its soothing energies bring you balance, light, and abounding spiritual awareness.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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