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Rare: UV Reactive Yooperlite Stone from Michigan, Rare Sodalite, Natural Stone,Rare Crystal, Rare Mineral, Rare Stone,Yooperlite,UV Sodalite

Beautiful raw Yooperlite stone from Michigan, USA

Measures approximately 1 13/16” x 1 9/16” x 1 8/16”

"Yooperlite" is a type of rock found in Northern Michigan by a man (who also happens to be a gem and mineral dealer) named Erik Rintamaki on the beach of Lake Superior. He named the rock himself, however, the Michigan State University identified the rock scientifically as "syenite clasts containing fluorescent sodalite."
The rocks have very recently gone viral because of the way they glow like molten lava when exposed to UV light.

Yooperlite is Syenites rich in fluorescent Sodalite. Scientist believe they were brought down from Canada by glaciers. Sodalite is a rare rock-forming mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Its color makes it desirable for use as a gemstone, an ornamental stone, and an architectural material as they glow under UV lights!

Sodalite crystal healing properties promote peace and tranquility, which works to connect our physical and spiritual selves. Tap into your creativity and discover your life purpose when you go deep with the Sodalite, a gem that rocks at providing inspiration and boosting intuition. Keep Sodalite in your crystal collection and call on its radiating energy whenever you feel stuck in life.

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