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Rare RED Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz)!

I purchased this direct from the only family that mines them. Each of these beauties is completely MAGICAL. They come from Kullu Valley in Pradesh, India in the Himalayan Mountains.

Measures approximately 1 9/16" x 1 2/16" x 0.75"

Nirvana Quartz is a relatively younger variety of quartz crystals as it was first discovered in 2006.

In fact, its discovery was the result of global warming, due to which the Himalayan glaciers began to melt away and deplete, thus unveiling the existence of this kind of quartz.

Due to this phenomenon, another name given to this crystal is also ‘ice quartz’, especially the pieces that look very similar to strangely-formed samples of ice.

The name ‘Nirvana Quartz’, on the other hand, has roots in the Buddhist religion and has a more spiritual connotation to describe the stone.

On a scale of hardness, the stone fairs at 7 and usually takes up an irregular and rough shape.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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