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Rare: Raised Record Keeper White Candle Quartz from Madagascar

I am completely humbled and honored to have these magnificent crystals be in my care. These are a white Quartz from Madagascar, in which the points have raised Record Keepers, as well as beautiful candle formations along their sides. Unlike anything I have seen before!

Crystal ID# GW2
Measures approximately 3 10/16" x 4" x 3.25" and weighs over 1 pound; self stands
~This is one unique cluster! One large double-tipped point facing one direction, wedged between two other points facing the opposite direction, one of which is also double-tipped. Hexagonal Habit small crystals protruding out of the side of one point as Bridge formations.

Crystal Attributes: Record Keeper, Traditional Record Keeper, Candle, Hexagonal, Feminine, Cluster, Bridge.
***To learn about these formations, please reference my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia!

One of the most prolific stones on Earth, White Quartz, also known as Milky Quartz, Snowy Quartz, or Wisdom Quartz, is actually simply a more opaque version of Clear Quartz.

Found on every single continent, and continuously utilized as a sacred tool by early humans all the way to present times, White Quartz is said to contain all the memories of humanity and Mother Gaia herself. White Quartz is a useful crystal to work with to access collective wisdom, or even recall past lives.

Similar to Clear Quartz, White Quartz holds and amplifies intention, while also diffusing an aura of tranquility, calm, and peace into one's energy field and space. A sweet stone for places of healing, White Quartz supports the clearing of energetic stagnation, and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

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