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RARE Hydrothermal Etched BLUE Kunzite, Un-heated Kunzite, Blue Spodumene, Rare Kunzite, Raw Kunzite, Spodumene, Rare Spodumene, Rare Mineral


I'm calling these "Unicorn Kunzite" due to their pastel colors 😍 This one is rare BLUE with crazy Hydrothermal Etchings (To learn about Hydrothermal etched crystals, head to my free crystal formation Encyclopedia!)

*Ethically sourced* Natural un-heated beautiful BLUE Kunzite/Spodumene specimen
Locality: Afghanistan

>>>>>>Please note that ALL colors of Kunzite/Spodumene are **light sensitive**. This is especially true of the blue variety. Keep out of direct light to prevent fading.<<<<<<<

Measures approximately 1 11/16" long x 1 7/16" x 1 2/16"

Kunzite: Spodumene family. Pure spodumene is colorless. Various colors may result from the presence of trace elements such as manganese (pink/purple), iron, chromium or Plutonium (Green). It is thought that natural radiation and/or Lithium causes the blue.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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