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RARE: Green Inner Mongolian Quartz Cluster with Portals, Rare Crystal, Rare Mineral, Collector Specimen, Inner Mongolian Quartz,Green Quartz

Rare beauty alert! I have a personal collection of Inner Mongolian Quartz because each one is unique, weird, gorgeous, with AMAZING energy! I very rarely offer them in the shop, as I typically keep them all to myself. I am honored to offer this unique beauty to the world!

This is a very unusual, completely NATURAL, unpolished, untouched by man in any way GREEN (Hedenbergite) Quartz from Inner Mongolia with druzy sparkles all over (just gorgeous in the sunshine!), rare Pagoda Calcite adhesions all over, and multiple portals. Just an absolutely spectacular one-of-a-kind cluster.

Crystal ID# I111
Measures approximately 6 2/16” x 4” x2 5/16” and weighs 1 pound.
Crystal Attributes: *Cluster, *Portals, *Druzy, Hedenbergite *Coating
**To learn more about Natural crystal formations, check out my FREE online Encyclopedia!

💚💚💚Hedenbergite is known as the crystal of transition. Hedenbergite brings together opposing forces in ones life. Hedenbergite promotes orderliness and methodical approaches, and assists to look at issues intelligently. Hedenbergite expedites new friendships, promotes success and teaches patience.

💎Mongolian Quartz Crystals are crystals for “The Now”. Mongolian Quartz promotes communication and purification of the “Group Consciousness”.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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