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Peach Scolecite Palm Stone from India, Scolecite Palm, Polished Scolecite, Pink Scolecite, Polished Pink Scolecite, Polished Peach Scolecite

Not often seen! Gorgeous Top Quality Polished Peach Scolecite palm stone from India😍
This palm stone came from the family that mines Himalayan Quartz in India. Direct from them in India, to myself, on to you!

Crystal ID J25
Measures 1 3/4” x 1” x 1/2”

🍑 🍑 🍑
A very tranquil stone, Scolecite radiates peaceful energy and can protect against negativity as its high vibration can help to transmute lower ones. As a stone of higher consciousness, it opens up connection and stronger communication with spiritual realms, which can open up an expanded perspective of your soul’s journey, through this lifetime and others. It can help one to channel inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Peach Scolecite (Peach stilbite with Scolecite) is an uplifting stone that promotes joy, emotional healing and invites clarity of your inner guidance and wisdom. It also boosts creativity and manifestation abilities. Peach stilbite radiates a gentle and loving vibration, and help us to stay emotionally open during challenging times.
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