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Natural CITRINE Lemurian Seed Crystal from Minas Gerais Brazil, Self stands, Artemis, Dauphine Habit, Starbrary, Citrine Lemurian

$277.77 $555.55
Absolutely GORGEOUS large Natural Citrine Lemurian Seed Crystal from Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais, Brazil 😍Completely UN-polished, and ***naturally Self Stands***. Also is a singing crystal! This crystal is lustrous with beautiful Lemurian striations, and has extreme clarity.

Shipped direct from Brazil to myself.
Crystal ID# H222
Measures approximately 6 15/16” long x 1.5" x 1.25"
Crystal Attributes: *Artemis, Divine *Masculine, *Starbrary, Cubic mineral *Inclusions, partial *Phantom, *Dauphine Habit, base has *Self Healed *Imprints that form into a “Y” (as in YES, you should buy this crystal :P), *Rainbows

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***All photos are completely unedited***
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