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Museum Grade Colombianite from Colombia, Tektite, Pseudotektite, Rare Mineral, Rare Crystal, Rare Stone, Collector Mineral, Brown Tektite

Super excited to bring these to my shop!

Museum Grade Colombianite-direct from the Colombian family that mines them.

There is much debate over these ancient stones. Some lean towards them being a Tektite (same family as Moldavite) whose formation was caused by meteor impact with earth. Others believe them to be a rare form of Obsidian-however due to it’s structure, Obsidian rarely exceeds a couple million years. Colombianite has been dated to be around ❗️30❗️million years old 😳

Whether you believe them to be a Tektite, or a Pseudotektite, one thing is for sure: They are out of this world amazing 👽

I hand picked each and every one of these specimens-selecting for their extreme clarity, as well as being mostly free from imperfections.

I am honored to release them from my care and offer them to you <3

15/16" x 13/16" x 10/16"

***All photos are completely unedited***

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