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Iolite Bracelet: SPIRITUALITY


Honored to carry these in my shop! Not often seen: Iolite!

This listing is for (1) Iolite Bracelet

~Measures approximately 7" in diameter

Iolite is named after the Greek word "ios," meaning violet. The rich purple-y to blue hues of iolite earned this gemstone the nickname of water sapphire. Iolite has a cool, calm energy that helps us to settle easily into meditation, channeling, intuitive reading, shamanic work and other visionary spiritual practices. It opens the Third Eye and strengthens our ability to communicate with other dimensions and realms. Iolite reveals our own path to us, showing us where we still need to grow and what we need to do to move past our current limitations and wounds. Iolite illuminates the lost parts of ourselves, helping us find the way back home to our True Self and to know our real calling in this lifetime.


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