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Rare Actinolite included Black Himalayan Quartz Cluster

$694.00 $987.00

For a full-length video of this crystal, please watch it's YouTube video:

Collector Specimen: Rare variety rich Actinolite included Quartz cluster

Locality: Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan *Iris Vault, collected February of 2020

Measurements: Approximately 5 1/16" x 3 2/16 x 2" and weighs 0.75lb

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This is one I have not shown to anyone, until today (Friday May 13). It is an incredibly special specimen-not only mineral wise, but metaphysically as well. I will do my best to portray its magnificence:

I collected this specimen direct from the Pakistan man who offers the specimens from this region, at the Tucson Gem Show in February of 2020. I was immediately drawn to it due to its beauty and energy, however almost didn't bring it back due to it's price...the crystal had other plans, and it wasn't too long being in it's presence that I made up my mind.

It is an extreme clarity crystal, yet at first glance you wouldn't notice due to its extreme concentration of Actinolite. Feel free to look up "Actinolite Quartz", and you will have a hard time finding one of this caliber. 

There are three MAIN points to this cluster, and I will dive into each:

Largest/second largest points form into a Mother and Child formation.

Main point: Dauphine Habit, many Traditional Record Keepers, Conchoidal Fracture tip, with insane clarity (Masculine) viewing the Actinolite needles and cloudlike formations within. 

Second largest point: Two Isis faces, has Self Healed Imprint on its side, and like the largest point: Extreme clarity with Actinolite needles and cloudlike formations within. 

Third Largest Point: A Tabby and Laser in one, and as with the other two largest points:  Extreme clarity with Actinolite needles and cloudlike formations within.

The entire cluster has beautiful deep striations, and alternates sides of sparkles due to the Actinlolite microneedles being present on the OUTSIDE of the crystal (please watch entire YouTube video to view how these sparkles shine!)

With the Mother and Child on one side, and the third largest point pointed the other direction, this cluster forms into a "V". However this would NOT constitute a Twin Flame, as the points are not similar in size. V is the roman numeral for the number 5. Angel Number 5's meaning:

"Abundance is a state of mind. When you feel rich spiritually, your physical life will reflect it"

On the backside of this crystal, there is a kickstand with a small beautiful laser point at it's base.

Thank you for reading thus far on this incredible crystal; I hope you have enjoyed its beauty and wonder.


This crystal ships FREE with insurance, within the USA. 

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