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High grade Black Tourmaline Sphere from Madagascar, Tourmaline Sphere, Tourmaline Ball, Black Crystal Ball, Large Black Tourmaline

Beautiful Polished High Grade Black Tourmaline Sphere from Madagascar-this one has FLASH 🤩🤯

Measures approximately 75mm and weighs close to 1.25lb

Crystal ID I20

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite crystal types, and an absolute “must have” in your crystal collection. It is a stone of protection-not only in protecting your energy against other’s negativity, but helping to dissipate your own negative thought patterns, should they arise. Black Tourmaline also helps to repel negative energy in any space (your home, office, workspace, car, etc). It also incredibly grounding-helping you to feel safe, and secure.

I now have Black Tourmaline spheres and palm stones in my shop! Due to their shape, spheres are great for filling spaces with their energy; palm stones are great for on the go/carrying with you/gridding.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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