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Gold Sheen Obsidian Cabochon, Power, Intuitively Chosen, Nine-Tailed Fox Pendant Carving


This listing is for (1) Polished Gold Sheen Velvet Obsidian Carved Fox Pendant or Palm Stone from Mexico- intuitively chosen.

💎These top grade, stunners, are Absolutely GORGEOUS with extreme shimmer! A single hole has been carefully drilled so you can string your Fox, and wear as a pendant, or, hang for decor. However, you can also simply use this as a palm stone!

💎Palm stones are great for holding in your hand (hence their name)! Shaped and polished in order to comfortably hold and/or carry with you for times of need. This makes it easy to connect to the energy of that particular stone, whenever and wherever you are. They are also used for home decor, grids, bedside, or purses!

Measures: 1 11/16" long and 1/4+" thick each

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