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Genuine Gemstone SHUNGITE Nail Art

$19.99 $39.99

As featured in Nails Magazine and Nail Pro! Why wear manmade Rhinestones, when you can wear genuine NATURE made crystals! Take your nail art game to the next level with NATURAL healing crystals! Iris Unique Genuine Gemstones are ethically sourced, high grade, and uniform in size.

~Natural Shungite stone from Russia, 7grams~

SHUNGITE: DETOX + PURIFY + EMF PROTECTION Shungite is a truly remarkable stone used primarily for purification and detoxification as it is made mostly of carbon. Considered to be a powerful natural antioxidant, Shungite shields harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) from everyday items like cell phones, computers, wifi, appliances and more. Due to Shungite's unique properties it is also known to boost our energy and immune system, as well as balance our mind and emotions. *Please note, Shungite is a stone that "bleeds" naturally. It is recommended that Shungite is applied via encapsulation with acrylic or gel to prevent any transfer

Iris Unique nail art stones are 100% genuine raw gemstones! We DO NOT add fillers or dyes. They are guaranteed to be pure, raw, natural crystals made by mother nature. Try our other Genuine Gemstone Nail Art! Also available in Pink Aventurine, Selenite, and Shungite.

  • Apply using nail art gel or acrylic: NOT INCLUDED

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