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"ENVY" Necklace: Amber from Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia


Absolutely beautiful, high-Quality, tumbled, natural GENUINE authentic Amber from Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia, dated back to the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Permian period (approximately 60 million years old).

This Amber has been ethically sourced, tumbled for 6 weeks, and drilled by myself.

"ENVY": Amber itself measures approximately 1 10/16" long x 1 7/16" wide / Gold-plated chain measures approximately 18".

*To preserve the integrity of the chain, do not get wet.

🔸🔸🔸Amber is one of the world’s oldest and most coveted treasures, a “Gold of the Sea” intrinsically formed by light and life, preserved by time for humanity, a talisman of beauty, protection and renewal. 

***All photos are completely unedited***

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