Iris Unique

Dreamsicle Lemurian


From the "Iris Vault":

Rare multi-colored Dreamsicle Lemurian Seed crystal from Brazil. Dreamsicle Lemurians are clear Lemurian Seed crystals, with a sugary coating of Quartz or Calcite. 

Crystal ID# A3, measures approximately 4 2/16" long

Crystal attributes: Laser, Coating, Self-Healed Imprint, Window: Left Activation. *Please check out my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia to learn more about these special attributes.

This Lemurian was shipped direct from Brazil to myself. Not only does this ensure that miners are compensated fairly, it means that your crystal has had limited contact with hands of others on it’s journey home to you. Direct from the mines, to myself for safekeeping, on to you.

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