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Dow Large Smoky/Tangerine Lemurian Seed Cluster,Tangerine Lemurian Cluster, Orange Lemurian, Lemurian Seed, Lemurian Cluster, Smoky Lemurian

$188.88 $308.88

Extreme grade lustrous "Fall" Lemurian Cluster from Corinto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Shipped direct from Brazil to myself (Ethically and fair trade sourced).

I call them “Fall Lemurians”, as they are a Tangerine/Smoky Combo

Measures approximately 5 1/16" x 4 3/16" x 3 11/16" and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.

Crystal Attributes: RARE Dow crystal, Cluster, Isis, Portal, Tantric Twin, Window: Left Activation, Starbrary

***To learn about these formations, please reference my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia!

What causes their Orange hue?
The different colors of orange on these Lemurians are caused by an outer coating of the mineral Iron Oxide. You will notice that Tangerine Lemurians come in a variety of shades of orange-this is due to the saturation of Iron Oxide on the Quartz.

How they can help you today
We can use Tangerine Lemurians to:
-Bring grounding & stabilizing energies to help you release the fear and emotional baggage so many of us carry around.
–Remind you to tune into yourself to see what you need on an emotional, physical, & spiritual plane.
-Working with this crystal helps you to move forward, putting your past behind you and moving on to bigger and better things.
-Helps bring courage, hope, and power for the future.

These Tangerine Lemurians were shipped direct from Brazil to myself. Not only does this ensure that miners are compensated fairly, it means that your crystal has had limited contact with hands of others on it’s journey home to you. Direct from the mines, to myself for safekeeping, on to you.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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