Iris Unique

Double Terminated Colombian Lemurian

$191.00 $291.00

Completely magical, Masculine, double terminated, Isis, large Window: Right Activation, small window, and Rainbow within Colombian Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Colombian Lemurians are mined alongside Emeralds, and this high vibe potency can be felt radiating from them. The clarity of this piece begs you to differ that she too isn’t a precious gem, like the Emerald.

This beauty will help you to step into your Goddess power. Being double terminated will help clear away blockages, and any false belief systems that are holding you back from stepping into your power. With it’s large Right Activation window, she will hold you in light as you enter into this new chapter of your life-a future with clarity and rainbows.

Crystal ID# I7

Measures approximately 5.5" x 1 14/16" x 1 6/16"

Crystal Attributes: Double terminated, Isis, Window: Right Activation, Rainbow, Empathetic (Conchoidal Fracture on one tip), Masculine with Fairy Frost at one end
***To learn about these formations, please reference my FREE online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia! 


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