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Blue Onyx Seashell

**You will receive ONE of these two carved seashells, intuitively chosen**
Blue Onyx (AKA Lemurian Aquatine Calcite) carved Spiral Seashell

Measures approximately 2 6/16" x 15/16" x 15/16"

Blue Onyx/ Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a powerhouse of a crystal that also has a calm, soothing energy. It is a great stone to use for dream work since it is so calming, but also helps connect you to higher realms/beings. It is used to aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection and past life recall. It is also said that it is a great tool to keep near when you are learning about ancient knowledge because it is thought to help tap into it.

Spirals are one of the oldest symbols. They symbolize the slow reveal of things that are hidden. It can mean growth and evolution. They could represent people coming back to the same point in their life, but with new and better kinds of understanding. The symbol of the spiral can push the viewer to be flexible and have trust when things change. The spiral can represent evolution and surrender. It can symbolize the way that stars and planets, and time revolve. It will represent being aware of a piece being part of a whole. The spiral will symbolize connection to God and the energy of the cosmos. Spirals can represent harmony, beginning, concentration, and focus. They can be used to expand, connect, and develop the mind. Spirals represent journey, direction, and progress.

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