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Blue Onyx LARGE carved Starfish

Blue Onyx (AKA Lemurian Aquatine Calcite ) LARGE carved Starfish

Measures approximately 7.75" x 7 10/16" x 1" and weighs over 1.25lbs

Blue Onyx/ Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a powerhouse of a crystal that also has a calm, soothing energy. It is a great stone to use for dream work since it is so calming, but also helps connect you to higher realms/beings. It is used to aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection and past life recall. It is also said that it is a great tool to keep near when you are learning about ancient knowledge because it is thought to help tap into it.

The starfish spirit animal teaches you to cure yourself over time, fill up the void, and replace it with something better. It symbolizes regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability. When you call on your starfish spirit animal and totem, you move through life doing most things in your own unique way.

***All photos are completely unedited***

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