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Bali Blessed Lemurian Seed Crystal


These high grade clear Lemurian Seed Crystals from Serra do Cabral, Brazil were shipped direct from Brazil to myself. They were my travel buddies for my most recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, and traveled all over the island with me to:

Denpasar, Kedungu, Canggu, Medewi, Karamas, Ubud, and Uluwatu, before ending our trip with them being bathed in the Indian Ocean at Bingin Beach, and grounded in the sand of the beach afterwards.

Each Lemurian is special, holding unique natural formations such as:

Laser, Muzo Habit, Shovel Nose, Dauphine Habit, Tantric Twin, Ledge, Window: Traditional, Imprint, Key...just to name a few!

They may come with Bali sand still attached!

*Please note, just as no human is "perfect", the same can be said of crystals. Some of these points have minor imperfections (Empathetic), but that does not distract from their magic and beauty-in fact, often, it accentuates it. If you are wanting absolutely perfect specimens, these may not be the Lemurians for you.

***This listing is for ONE Clear Lemurian Seed Crystal from Serra do Cabral, Brazil that traveled with me to Bali, Indonesia. LIMITED QUANTITY.

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