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28.5+lb Earthkeeper Smoky Citrine Cathedral Quartz on Stand, Cathedral Quartz, Citrine Cathedral,Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz,Large Cathedral

$3,777.77 $4,222.00

I'm calling this one "Mystical Elder". Over 28.5 pounds without the custom made stand (32+ pounds with the stand).

Measures: approximately 20" tall with stand and 15" x 8" x 7.5" without stand. Weighs: 32+ lbs with stand and 28.5+ lbs without stand.

Dark and mysterious; yet glows from within in the sunshine. This colossal Smoky CITRINE Cathedral Quartz (that was shipped direct to me from Brazil) is the only one in the world, with so many enchanting properties.

Crystal Attributes: Manifestation, Inner Child, Doorway, Cathedral, Tantric Twin, Golden Healer, Starbrary, Record Keeper, Isis, Window: Left Activation, Traditional Window, Rainbow, Self Healed, Key

*Reference my FREE Crystal Formation Encyclopedia to learn more about these unique attributes!

This crystal is in the rare natural Cathedral Quartz formation.Inner child crystal, with surrounding manifestation crystals, within the tip. Uniqure starbrary markings all over all sides and faces-literally looks like little stars imprinted all over. Record Keepers and Doorways. Isis face. Iron inclusions-making it a Golden Healer as well. Lineated sides.Three windows-two left activation, one traditional. Multiple Rainbow inclusions. Self healing. Looks to have tiny stationary air or water bubbles within. One key near base. Completely un-polished. NATURAL Smoky CITRINE. Need I say more?

I have been completely humbled to have been gifted the honor of holding this specimen in my shop, for it's true owner. Beyond grateful to be in it's presence for so long, and I am finally ready to share it's magnificence with the world.

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