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2.75+lb Dendritic Opal Flame, Large Dendrite Opal, Natural crystal, Opal Freeform, Opal, Polished Dendritic Opal, Dendritic Opal, Large Opal

Absolutely Gorgeous, Natural, Polished Dendritic Opal Flame from Madagascar-Dendritic Opal always reminds me of a landscape scene of trees in the snow, its so soothing!

This is a large beauty! Measures approximately 7.25" tall x 3” x 2 14/16" and weighs over 2.75 lbs
Crystal ID: B1

💙💙💙Dendrite Opal is known to create positivity in the surrounding aura of its carrier. It crafts an air of reception also to harmony in the life.Dendritic Opal is a crystal that has much to do with synchronization of chakras within a person's body. With energies that bring great hope for growth and strength, Dendritic Opal will give you the clarity and perspective that you need in life.

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