Crystal formation school

Formations for self reflection and soul growth


Just as crystal types have their own metaphysical properties (for example, Rose Quartz is considered the "Stone of love"), the formations in which they naturally form take on an even further meaning. 

Crystal Formation School teaches you how to understand, and work with, your crystals on a deeper level, by getting to know them through their natural formations.

Our free online Crystal Formation Encyclopedia provides basic crystal formation knowledge, or sign up for our in-depth courses to gain a well-rounded, more insightful understanding of each formation-and how they can help you on your personal soul journey.



Each course in Crystal Formation School not only teaches you how to physically identify each formation, and what each means for us metaphysically. Our instructors go into depth on how to practically understand, and apply, that formation in your own life.


visual enhancement

Within each course, we provide multiple video examples (most paired with audio instruction) to help you fully grasp each formation. Get a 360 view that photos can’t completely portray.


pause & reflect

In every course, each formation has it’s own “Soul Work” area, asking thought provoking questions that help you on your own soul journey. Some formations will take a little more time to study, as they will take on a very personal meaning for you. This is why we have pre-recorded the information, so you can take time as needed to sit with each formation, and get the most out of the material presented.