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RARE Tantric Twin Terminated Calcite with Phantoms from China, Portal Crystal, Rare Mineral, Rare Crystal, Twin Crystal, Twinned Crystal


Read more below! One of a kind, absolutely beautiful red Phantom Twinned Terminated Calcite from China 😍 So gorgeous! This specimen has SO many unique natural formations-read more below!

Crystal ID# DPCT1
Measures approximately 2 14/16" x 1 10/16" x 1 10/16"
Crystal Attributes: This optical Calcite is terminated into two points, both points forming into the beloved *Tantric Twin formation. Seven smaller terminated *Dolphin formations adorn the main crystal. Each of the points having red (Hematite *Inclusion) *Phantoms. Several of these *Dolohin formations form into a rare *Portal formation. So special!

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