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2 pound Large Euphoralite, "Midnight" Euphoralite, High Lithium Lepidolite Euphoralite Tower, Purple Euphoralite, Lithium Euphoralite,

$6,163.00 $11,445.00

From the "Iris Vault": Gorgeous LARGE Authentic Polished Euphoralite "Midnight" (Purple High Lithium) from South Dakota 😍

Crystal ID# E222
Measures approximately 8 6/16" tall x 2 1/16" x 1 13/16" and weighs just shy of 2 pounds (902grams)

Euphoralite can be used for communications to the higher realms with a connection to your own higher self. There is also a link to higher dimensional knowledge being given to us to help with all the energies being upgraded to humanity now that we are going into a new dimension and will help our evolution

Very few stones have cause as much excitement in the crystal community as Euphoralite. It comes from the Lakota and Cheyenne Tribal Area of South Dakota, also known as the the Sacred Center of Mother Earth. This is the Axis Mundi. This mineral find has stones and crystals that are up to 2.8 billion years old. So you get the real essence of the earth that lead to the genesis of all the life we see today. This cool thing about this mine is the way the minerals have deposited. They have deposited in a chimney dyke, stacked on top of each other, and sometimes one or more of the crystals will break through to another layer and you’ll have an intense combination of crystals and minerals. This stone is super high vibrational, and will act like a natural battery. It is a natural conductor of good energy. The energetic properties of this stone are truly off the charts. When people first started using this stone they would get this tingly energetic feeling, a feeling of euphoria almost, hence the name Euphoralite.

The minerals and stones in this are very high lithium Lepidolite, and this is layered between Blue Tourmaline, Quartz and Mica. There are about or over 40 other different minerals and metals integrated into this stone. When using Euphoralite while meditating or doing energy work you can place them all over your body or hold them in your hands. Grid work with Euphoralite will help transmit the energy whether it’s through the physical or Etheric bodies. People have reported using the High Lithium Purple Lepidolite in one hand and the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz Snowball in another that they can feel the energy running through their body activating and balancing their energy fields. When these stones are used together they have a tremendous increase in one's own personal energy field, and will also generate an unusually high level of centering vibration between the stones.

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