Naturally formed Quartz specimen
Naturally formed Calcite specimen
Polished Generator

Hexagonal falls into the category “Elevated Formations” or “Polished Formations”.

Also referred to as "Generator"


 - In Quartz: A crystal that has all six faces relatively the same size and shape. If it is a naturally formed Quartz crystal, it would be called “Hexagonal Habit”.

- Polished crystal towers are often carved into this form, and are referred to as “Generator”

 - Other mineral varieties: Structure is that of a Hexagon (six equal sides and six equal interior angles)

 - Because of this symmetry, when looking at the crystal from an aerial view (top-to-bottom), the crystal is in the shape of a Hexagon


 - Strong source of Power

 - Supportive of balance

 - Yin/Yang energy

 - Connection with others

 - Assists in having structured thinking, and building upon our knowledge

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