Enhydro formation falls into the category “From within”. 

Also known as “Fluid Inclusion”

*It is important to note that the term “Enhydro” is the name commonly used in the crystal community for “Fluid Inclusion”; however they are in actuality two separate physical definitions.

“Enhydro” in the mineral world refers only to “a hollow nodule or geode of chalcedony containing water, sometimes in large amounts.”~The American Geological Institute’s Glossary of Geological Terms. This means that if the fluid within is NOT water; it is held in a different mineral than Chalcedony, and/or the crystal it is held in is not hollow (ie a Geode) it would technically not be considered an Enhydro, and would actually be deemed a “Fluid Inclusion”. For metaphysical reasons, and because the majority seem to refer to both as “Enhydro”, I am defining Enhydro and Fluid Inclusion under the same entry. 



 - Fluid (often water) trapped within a crystal

 - Can be stationary, or moving


 - Purifies the mind, body, and soul

 - Carries the Divine Plan of the Universe

 - Balances our emotions

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