Crystal Formation School


Deepen your appreciation

for crystals you already have in your collection, by learning about their natural formations! There is plenty of information readily available regarding the properties of crystals themselves (for example, Rose Quartz being the stone of love). Deepen your knowledge and understanding of each crystal, by learning what their natural formations mean, and how you can use them to inspire you daily.


Each course in Crystal Formation School not only teaches you how to physically identify each formation, and what each means for us metaphysically. Our instructors go into depth on how to practically understand, and apply, that formation in your own life.

Examples & Soul Work

There are multiple video examples of each formation, with audio instruction. Each formation is also paired with a “Soul Work” portion, asking thought provoking questions that help you on your own soul journey.





Go at your own pace

Some formations will take a little more time to study, as they will take on a very personal meaning for you. This is why we have pre-recorded the information, so you can take time as needed to sit with each formation, and get the most out of the material presented.

Tangerine Lemurian Cluster 1. 2 10/16" x 2.25" x 2 1/16". $57

About Iris

I’m Iris-the founder of Iris Unique, Inc. Every crystal that passes through my shop on its journey home was selected by me, with love and intention.

I started this business back in 2017, and am honored to see how it has grown! From lives sales, to teaching about crystals in “Crystal Formation School”, and doing weekly guidance readings for our crystal community-I love every bit of it, and am excited that you have decided to join along on this journey!

When I’m not playing with crystals, you can find me out in Nature with my family-hiking, playing at beach (with crystals of course!), or working in our garden.


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