Terminated Calcite, Purification, Intuitively Chosen, Raw Points


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This listing is for (1) Rare TERMINATED Calcite point from Mexico- Intuitively chosen.

🤍🤍🤍The name calcite comes from the Greek word ‘chalix’, which means lime. An abundant material found throughout the world, calcite can manifest in almost every color imaginable, and is the primary mineral component found in cave formations. Stalactites and stalagmites, cave veils, and cave pearls are all formed primarily of calcite.

🤍🤍🤍All calcites are known for their ability to minimize the lower emotions such as fear and stress. Cave calcite was birthed inside a cave—a cave of course is a symbol that represents the womb—cave calcite is synonymous with emotional grounding and it indeed revels in the purification of negative energies.

💎These pieces are absolutely unique, amazing, and RARE! Calcite typically doesn’t form this way-its almost Lemurian shaped!
Just amazing!

💎I purchased a flat of these from the person that mined them, and believe I purchased the only ones out there as no one else has them! Get yours before they’re gone!

Measures: 1 3/16- 1 13/16″ long each

***All photos are completely unedited***

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