Elestial Quartz


“Elestial” is a natural crystal formation that occurs where the Quartz takes on a layered effect. To me, they are so “other-worldly” in their appearance, they remind me of pieces that have fallen off of a space ship-its just unreal how they naturally formed this way!

Elestial Quartz helps us to get in touch with our Spirit Guides (Angels, Ancestors, etc.) and facilitates receiving of messages from them. The layered formations act as a filter, only allowing through messages we are ready to open up to receive, at a level we can tolerate. Since we as humans continuously evolve spiritually throughout our life, what we are open to receive can change over time.

Let me give you a personal example. I now believe that beings that exist outside of planet earth. If someone talked to me several years ago about believing in “aliens”, I would think they were wackadoos! Now, it’s more of a “Duh! Of COURSE there are aliens!” for me. I wasn’t ready then.

So back to Elestial Quartz: Only allowing messages through, that you are ready for on a spiritual level.

*I am in no way saying that you need to believe in aliens, or that my beliefs are “right”. What I believe can be different than what you believe and that is OKAY. I embrace our differences-it is what makes each of us unique and beautiful.

Tangerine Lemurian Cluster 1. 2 10/16" x 2.25" x 2 1/16". $57

About Iris

I’m Iris-the founder of Iris Unique, Inc. Every crystal that passes through my shop on its journey home was selected by me, with love and intention.

I started this business back in 2017, and am honored to see how it has grown! From lives sales, to teaching about crystals in “Crystal Formation School”, and doing weekly guidance readings for our crystal community-I love every bit of it, and am excited that you have decided to join along on this journey!

When I’m not playing with crystals, you can find me out in Nature with my family-hiking, playing at beach (with crystals of course!), or working in our garden.


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