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Tangerine Lemurian Cluster 1. 2 10/16" x 2.25" x 2 1/16". $57

About Iris

I’m Iris-the founder of Iris Unique, Inc. Every crystal that passes through my shop on its journey home was selected by me, with love and intention.

I started this business back in 2017, and am honored to see how it has grown! From lives sales, to teaching about crystals in “Crystal Formation School”, and doing weekly guidance readings for our crystal community-I love every bit of it, and am excited that you have decided to join along on this journey!

When I’m not playing with crystals, you can find me out in Nature with my family-hiking, playing at beach (with crystals of course!), or working in our garden.


Meet Nyx!

Nyx was named after the Greek Goddess of Darkness-the “Daughter of Chaos”. She sure is living up to her name! Nyx loves to steal crystals from my office, hiding them for her to enjoy in her “Palace under the Bed”. Stay tuned for more about this sweet soul!

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